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NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2 Story: Through The Looking Glass, I Will See You Again

Through The Looking Glass, I Will See You Again Melissa R. Mendelson “Please, be open.  Someone here? Please, help me.  My cat’s not responding, and it’s too far to get into town.  And I know that she is not going to make it.” “Mrs. Whisper, calm down.”  The veterinarian appeared behind her.  He wore loose jeans and a button-down shirt.  He had a black beanie over his head.  “I’m here,” he said, staring at the cat in her arms.  “Let me take her from you.” “I didn’t know what to do,” Mrs. Whisper said as she handed the cat over to him. “She’s still breathing.  If I didn’t see your sign, I wouldn’t have found your office.  You’re so far in the woods, and I can’t lose her.  I just lost my husband last year.” The veterinarian placed a gentle but firm hand on her shoulder. “Breathe,” he said, and Mrs. Whisper burst into tears.  “I’m going to take her into the room now.  We’ll be waiting for you.” “No,” Mrs. Whisper cried.  “I’m okay,” and she wiped her tears away.  “Will you be euth…. Euth…” “Eut…