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Tall Tale TV Features Short Story, "One Last Droplet of Rain"


I'm Going to Comic Con in October

I almost went last year, but as of right now, I will be going that weekend, which is why I am posting this:

Comic Book Heroes Gone Wild Parody of Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” by, Melissa R. Mendelson
Since I was young, I couldn’t put them down
Another misunderstood kid, another super identity found
Some never played by the rules while other boy scouts really cared
Some nasty villain’s reputation reigned everywhere

I sit and read, forgetting all about me
So many heroes have stood where others now stand
They are young with the world in their hands

We’re all vigilantes rocking style
We face fire by trial
Our lives are an endless mile
We are the comic book heroes gone wild
We will rise and refuse to fall
We’re united as one to save you all
Hear us roar the heroes call
We are the comic book heroes gone wild

Kingpin screamin’ in my ear about how Hell’s Kitchen is supposed to be
Getcha black pajammas, give Karen a smile, and son, come on and fight me

He said, “Hey man, I’m the fastest man that you oughta know.
I …

New Lyrics: Goosepond Wasteland

Goosepond Wasteland Parody of The Who’s song, Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland) by, Melissa R. Mendelson
Out here in the Goosepond, The water is really green. I stick my head in, diving deep. My wings won’t take flight. My legs are glued tight. I feel like I am sinking.
The town won’t break the algae apart. All this green is breaking my heart. The land we’re forced upon. At least there, we could enjoy the sun.
You walk by. Don’t even bat an eye. It’s only Goosepond wasteland.
If only I could sue, But geese don’t know what to do. It’s just another ordinary day. Even the fish don’t won’t to stay, But the algae remains. Won’t you do something, please?
Hey you! Don’t walk your mile. My flock, Don’t give me a smile. Look down At the water surrounding me. We have nowhere to go. We are at your mercy.
You walk by. Don’t even bat an eye. It’s only Goosepond wasteland.
The kids are laughing, chasing us. We hiss and make a fuss. We can’t stand on the land for too long. All this algae is why we’re singing this song.
Won’t you take a …