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New Horror Story: The Green Fields

The Green Fields Melissa R. Mendelson
Nobody knew where the green fields came from.  They just grew overnight.  First, they were a small patch of land.  Then, they consumed a good portion of Missouri, and the first man to disappear inside all that green was eighty-years-old.  Anyone under that age that went into the green did not return alright.  Some spoke backward.  Others were missing ears, or their eyes were a dark shade of white.  The government soon cut off the land, preventing anyone else from entering, but with every life lost to that strange field, the world was finally quiet.  There was no violence.  There was no death.  No more lives needed to be lost except for those that rode the bus to the green fields. My job was simple.  Wait for the buses.  Lead the elderly one by one off the bus, and then guide them toward the green fields. Most of them accepted their fate. The world finally knew peace, and it was grateful for their sacrifice.  If the green fields did not eat, then the …

Native American Festival - August 2019

Photography by Melissa R. Mendelson  @2019

Goshen Art Walk - August 3, 2019

Thank You to everyone for stopping at my table at the Goshen Art Walk on Webster Avenue in Goshen, NY on August 3rd.  I promise that my photographs will be posted to this blog soon.  In the meantime, you can find them here on Fine Art America:

Also, if you are interested in my short stories, they are available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99, and you can find them here:

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Melissa R. Mendelson