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Horror Story: The Broken Dolls

The Broken Dolls Melissa R. Mendelson The house was quiet.  The walls were bare.  Family photographs were tucked away in cardboard boxes.  The staircase was dusty as if to cover any tracks of what had happened here, but the truth were the holes in the walls that still echoed with misery.  One cardboard box was torn open, and inside were broken dolls.  Their arms and legs stuck through the sides of the box, and their decapitated heads were all kissed by a hammer.  Even the teddy bears weren’t spared, and some of them still held an ugly, burnt smell. At the bottom of the box was a shattered porcelain doll’s face. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Doctor Leif.”  Mrs. Waters wrung her hands.  “That was the movers on the phone.  They’ll be here tomorrow morning.”  She looked over at the box of broken dolls and burnt teddy bears. Mrs. Waters struck me as a once lively woman.  Now, she had shrunk, caved in by despair, and her blonde hair was quickly turning gray.  Her brown eyes were tinted with f…