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New Poem: We’ll Never Learn

(Photograph by Melissa R. Mendelson)
We’ll Never Learn by, Melissa R. Mendelson
We spent hours clearing the land,   tearing at the past wherever it might stand.   We cut every shard of grass down to its root  and crushed every seed with the bottom of our boot.  We ripped and clawed until the earth bled.   We deprived the past of what it was fed.   We broke its body and its bone.   We tore the soul from its home.   When finally satisfied, we covered the land in lie,  leaving the past alone to die.   Now, if someone tries to dig up the truth,   it would be like looking for a dinosaur’s tooth,  and the land would be tight with fabrication.  And we would succumb to that medication,   believing every fiction that is told.   Read it now - fake news being sold,   and what of the past but a defiant tree  breaking slowly through the earth, threatening to be free.   And we will be waiting with our axe,   sparing the generations to come that may ask  haven’t we learned from our mistakes  because if we do not, it would…