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NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge Story: The Dead Man in the Ravine

The Dead Man in the Ravine Melissa R. Mendelson
The flow of water moving downward filled my ears.  The wind rustled through the trees and over my flesh.  The green grass underneath me turned red from the bullet hole in my shoulder.  Sunlight opened my eyes, and the rocks cradled my head. I had falling over the edge hard.  It was amazing that my body wasn’t broken, but moving my ankle nearly had me cry out in pain.  I slowly raised my head upward.  My eyes moved over the trees, but I could not see through the green.  Where was he? Suddenly, a bullet struck the ground not far from my head.  I glanced at the hole and then over at the water. I could not touch the water especially because I was bleeding, so I remained lying on the small bank.  And he emerged from his hiding spot, and I realized that he had been there all this time, waiting to see if I was dead. “You could have just put the bullet in my head,” I said, watching him shrug with the gun still in his hand. “I need you to answer someth…