New Lyrics: I Went Upstairs in Darkness

I Went Upstairs in Darkness
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

I went upstairs in darkness.
The children were all in bed,
Dreaming their innocent dreams,
Only to awake after the sunrise.

I went upstairs in darkness.
The shadows gave me peace.
I took that moment of quiet
To cry myself to sleep.

This world is erratic.
It haunts me every day.
The news is onslaught,
And I get down on my knees to pray.
It’s the nights that I welcome.
It’s the nights I wish to stay.
The world seems so quiet,
But its silence fades far, far away.

I went upstairs in darkness,
Leaving my worry behind.
The television’s on static,
And the telephone wires are tied.

I went upstairs in darkness.
Please, just let me be.
I need to find an escape,
Where I can only be me.


I went upstairs in darkness as this world circles my home.  If I turn the lights on, I’ll see all that is wrong, and I just need some time alone. Before chaos kicks the front door in and all the children scream for school, I want to sit in this corner and listen to the conversations of shadows chase away all of this gloom.



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