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New Parody Lyrics: Good-bye Supernatural

Good-bye Supernatural (Parody of Adele’s song, Hello) Melissa R. Mendelson
Hello, it's me. I’ve been watching you all these years and never missed a beat. I have seen everything. All the times you have suffered and healed, yeah. Your family strong feeling. Hello, it’s still me, Dreaming the supernatural dreams of how the Winchesters used to be. When you were younger, fighting for Sam and Dean, And we have not forgotten how the endings felt, How the Darkness could have been your defeat.
You Winchesters will always be our heroes, Legends to visit again.
Hello from the television screen, Seen so many battles waging a thousand times, Seen how you both sacrificed for everyone you loved, And seen you both always in search of a home. Hello from the road. You boys never called it quits no matter how hard the demons tried. You boys fought with all your heart, Saving the world again and again And again.
Hello, how are you? I hear it’s now the end, and I’m sorry To see you all go. I hope Ca…