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Short Story: The Scars That Define Us

The Scars That Define Us Melissa R. Mendelson

The room was blindingly white.  The floor and ceiling canceled each other out.  There was a door somewhere in here, concealed by the wall.  Soft air trickled down from invisible vents.  Few pieces of furniture decorated the white oblivion, and in its heart was a young woman, whose long, brown hair clashed against the white.  Silence cascaded in, flooding the distance between us, and finally I said, “Shall we begin?” The young woman remained sitting on her bed.  She pressed her hands against the mattress.  Her bare feet kicked at the floor.  Her long, brown hair continued to cover her face.  Then, she turned my way, staring at me with one brown eye, and then she slowly pushed her hair away from the left side of her face, revealing a large, white bandage with tape stretching across her skin, missing her other eye only by an inch.  “Where should I start,” she replied. “How about we start at the beginning, Miss…” “Please, call me, Ravine.”  She mov…

Poem: Lying Down With Lions

Lying Down With Lions by, Melissa R. Mendelson
We lie down with lions,   so they could chew on our bones,   puncture our skin,   and savor victory.   We lie down with lions,   deafened by their roar,   swallowing up our cries.   We lie down with lions  for we must be led,   even if the path is narrow,   but our faith is blind.   We lie down with lions,   so the jungle will not take us.   And we will live another day.