Thursday, March 08, 2018

New Poem: The Wall of Tomorrow

The Wall of Tomorrow
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

It was never written in this world 
that we shall take a seat   
and watch our lives ride 
across their words and actions. 
Why should we be speechless? 
What have we done in previous lives 
to warrant our quiet and obedience? 
We have done nothing wrong, 
and too much history has seen us 
answer only if we’re questioned    
and never stray from their expectance   
of what they think we should be. 
We were never molded for their servitude. 
We are not their clay but brick, 
hard and defiant building a wall 
of our own making,
of our own voice,    
so when you walk by,   
you won’t see us sitting quietly on a bench. 
You will instead marvel at our hopes and dreams    
that have ignited our hearts far too long 
now spiraling across each brick in the wall,
portraying our strength and determination  
for the women of tomorrow.   

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