Friday, January 12, 2018

A Brief Review on CBS Show: Me, Myself and I

We think of Time as a mirror or river or even sand.  We wonder if we were to drop a stone in the water, would the ripples bring back the past or whisper of the future?  Would the face we see today show a hint of the child left behind or the silver fox waiting to be born?  If the sand ran out, were we able to say good-bye?  Sometimes, we call Time a friend, but a lot of us see it as an enemy for all the wars that we have lived through and the scars that we must carry, and as Time fades further and further ahead, we worry about the darkest days that still wait for us and remember the best days that have been broken and faded, photographs now tucked in dew-dripped boxes and dusty bins.  If we could just put life on pause for but a moment, maybe we would find ourselves at the crossroads, where yesterday greets today, and today discovers tomorrow.  Maybe, we would see that little boy again with his new family, new father and brother and the girl of his dreams and his inventions ready to begin?  Maybe, we would see him older and struggling as he lives in his friend’s garage with his daughter, stuck in a rut, and trying to find himself again?  Maybe, things would turn around, and Time would greet him with success, only to coat it with a touch of death that would make him wonder about his life once again, and once again, we think about Time.  We think about our life, where we were, where we are and where we are going, and nobody can tell us not even Time.  In the end, it’s just Me, Myself and I.

Side Note: This was a brilliantly written television show that was cut short, but episodes may still be available On Demand.

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