Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Glass Skies Over Home Log Line: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE3usyyYlCE

The Unknown Rider (Winner of Twitter Short Story Contest):

Antarctica Journal News:

Shining Through The Echo (For Robin Williams);  Are We Real;  Behind The Door;  Here;  Stone Slate;  Dream Always;  The Hole Within Us;  In Shadow;  Memorial;  Scarred; Today; What Is Family; Cruelty; Drifting; Whenever I Hear A Train; Shatter; Sending My Love Across The Distance; Wasting Time; King Me; A Break In The System; Into White; Journey (For My Father); Crystal Blue; D Cide; Vanquished; Whispers of Hope (Dedicated to the Hurricane Katrina Victims); My Heart In A Cave

Farmland;  Kayaker;  Blue Surface;  Silent Post;  Who's Ready For Church;  Fog Rolling In; Manhattan (4 Photographs); Country Fair (4 Photographs); Long Beach, NY (4 Photographs); City Drive (4 Photographs); Country Fair 2 (4 Photographs); Abandoned (4 Photographs)

Remember;  Shut;  On White Wings I Fly;  Comic Book Heroes Gone Wild; Supernatural Love; I Am A Clone; I'm Not Coming Home For Christmas; Wings of Gray; Paint My Heart Red; My Poor Mother's Country Land; CW Rocks True; Almost Nothing On My TV; Crowley; Will We Ever Be The Same; Across The Page; Space Inside; What's 2017 Like; Hard Came Their Pain

Please, Stay and Guard Me; The Ticking; sKIN; The Candle Lights; By The Yellow Light; Auto Pilot; The Girl In The Window; The Camp; Unfriendly Skies

Spaceship and "Shake Time Loose"; When I Listen To Music; Lizardian; Just Talking About Science-Fiction; Poetry Book Review: Fault Lines by Gary Beck; Comedy Review: A Jolt of Kola; Comedy Review: What Is That Smell?; Movie Review: The 9th Life of Louis Drax; TV Show Review: Beyond; TV Review: Ten Years Is A Wonderful Life

Stanzaic Stylings Literary Ezine:

Wet Soil Beneath My Hand; Ghosts of Me; Haze; A Step Away; Burning Kisses; Skeletons In The Closet; Labyrinth; Humanity Within; Plastic; It All Comes Down To You; Crossing; Pieces of Me; One Step Away

Short Stories:
A Faint Trace of Light

Poetry Review - Fragments of Yesterdays Past

Spreading The Writer's Word:

Short Stories:
Time Waits for No Man; Not for Sale; The Conflict of Night and Day, Confinement, Open House; The Monsters of Men; The Children’s Dinner

Sirens Call Literary Magazine:

Short Stories:
A Little Something With Your Coffee; The Ladies in Black, The Darkness and Me, Fluorescent Lights: The Vampiric E-Vasion