Sunday, June 25, 2017

I’m Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 17

I’m Not My Father’s Son (Fan Fiction Inspired By John Carpenter's Starman)
by, Melissa R. Mendelson
Chapter 17:
“You killed him.”  Mark Shermin fell to his knees.  He looked down at the ground.  His hands closed into fists.  He looked up at Thomas, who stood over him.  “I can’t believe you killed him,” he said.
“He should have gone with them,” Thomas replied as he watched Tina hurry over to Scott and hold him in her arms.  “I’ll let her live.”
“How generous of you,” Mark Shermin snapped at him.
“I’m not the bad guy here, Mark,” Thomas said, and then he walked away.
“Neither was Scott,” Mark Shermin replied as he watched Tina cry and rock Scott in her arms.
Scott could feel Tina holding him tightly and crying over him.  He wanted to respond, but his body was numb.  His mind was fading.  He was falling further and further into darkness, and part of him just wanted to let go.  Then, he saw that blue light again, and he wondered why that was there.  His father was gone.  He made his decision to stay, but the light wasn’t faint.  It was strong, calling to him, and he let it call to him.  The image unfolding before him reminded him of something like Howe Caverns, where he once went on a school field trip.  One side was all human and earthly, but he didn’t recognize the other side, which was more alien.  And he slipped in-between, and he touched the blue light.
The gray orb near Scott’s body started to shake.  Tina raised her head up and looked over at it.  The gray orb then lifted into the air, humming loudly and spinning wildly.  The soldiers, Thomas and Mark Shermin were now watching it and then looking at each other in confusion.  Whitish-blue light started to pour out of the sides of the gray orb, and then as if a hurricane had just blown through, Tina was hurled away from Scott’s body.  And the gray orb flew high up into the air and then plunged downward, straight into Scott’s heart.
Once again, Scott began to convulse.  He writhed on the ground as the gray orb became one with his heart.  A bullet dropped to the ground.  Then, he fell silent, and his head tilted to the side.  A moment later, his eyes snapped open, and they flashed blue.  He slowly sat up, fixing his gaze upon Thomas, who already had his gun trained on Scott, and without hesitation, Thomas fired his gun.  But the bullet froze a mere inch from Scott’s face, and then it dropped to the ground.
Scott stood up.  He eyed the helicopters nearby and the soldiers holding their guns.  He looked over at Tina and held his hand out toward her, and she slowly moved over to him.  Then, he looked at Mark Shermin, whose mouth hung open, and finally, he returned is gaze over to Thomas.  And Scott knew that he could kill Thomas, but then he would prove Thomas right that he was the bad guy in this story.  And if there was a villain here, it was Thomas, and Scott’s hand closed over Tina’s, pulling her against his body.
“Do you trust me,” Scott whispered into her ear.
“I love you,” Tina replied.
“I love you too,” and Scott wrapped his arms around her.
A blue bubble formed around them.  At first, it was clear inside like a cat’s eye marble with the two of them standing in the center.  The bubble grew cloudy, and then it burst, sending another hurricane-strength wind across the land.  The soldiers, Thomas and Mark Shermin covered their faces, and when they looked back at where Tina and Scott were, there was nothing there.  They were gone.
“What the hell,” Thomas exclaimed.
“I don’t know,” Mark Shermin replied as he took out his cigar and lit it.  “I’m just glad that I’m not the one that has to report it.”  He blew smoke over at Thomas, and then he walked away with a giant grin on his face.

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