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I’m Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 16

I’m Not My Father’s Son (Fan Fiction Inspired By John Carpenter's Starman)
by, Melissa R. Mendelson
Chapter 16:
“Mommy, which star is Daddy again?”
“Come here, Scott,” and she lifted him up and placed him on her lap.  “My, you are getting so big.”
“I’m only five,” Scott laughed as his mother tickled him.  “What star is Daddy?”
“His star is…”  His mother took a long moment, searching the starry sky.  “That one.  You see it.  It’s right there,” and she pointed at a distant star.
“I see it,” and Scott also pointed at the star, which flickered against the darkness.  “Do you think that Daddy will come back home?”
“I’m sorry, Scott,” and his mother kissed his cheek.  “He can’t,” and she fell quiet.
“What do I say to people when they ask about him?  Can I tell them that he was an alien?”
“No, Scott.”
“Why not?”
“Because people wouldn’t understand.  They would be afraid.  The best thing would be to tell them that he was a house painter and that he died.”
“Yes, Scott?”
“Am I an alien?”
“You’re my son, Scott, and I love you very much.  And I will always love you with all of my heart,” and she hugged Scott tightly in her arms.
Scott opened his eyes.  He felt lighter as he sat up like he was moving through air.  He was sitting on top of a gray slab, which glowed a whitish-blue.  He nearly fell toward the grayish floor, but instead of crashing, he hovered.  Then, he realized that his body was still on top of the slab, and tears were running down his face.  “Am I dead,” he cried to no one in particular.
“No,” he heard a voice say from behind him.  “Your human half is dying.  In a few moments, it will be dead, and then we can leave.”
Scott struggled to turn around.  It was like swimming in molasses.  A hand reached out and steadied him, bringing his feet to the floor.  Then, the hand pulled back, and a face appeared, almost hidden in white and blue light.  Then, a man stepped forward, and Scott realized that it was his father.  He could tell from the stories that his mother always told him, and years later, he was able to find pictures of him.  And the man standing before him was the same man that was seen in the newspaper article that talked about his death, but this was no man.  But it was still his father.
“Greetings,” his father said.  “Are you feeling better?”
“How am I still alive?”
“Your human half is dying.  Your alien half is much alive.  When we go home, we can make you whole.”
“Why are you doing this to me?”
“I don’t understand, Scott.”
“All these years.  All the running.  Why now?  Why choose now to come to me?”
“You called us, Scott.”
“No.”  Scott stumbled back.  “No.  I have no way of doing that.”
“You didn’t just send that man through the wall, Scott.  You sent an S.O..S. to us, and we responded.”  His father tapped his forehead.
“That was you?  That zapping to the head?  That hurt!”
“I’m sorry, but you called us.  And when you sent that S.O.S., I saw everything.  I’m sorry, Scott.  I loved your mother very much.  I love you.”
“Then, why are you killing me?”
“I am not.  You are killing you.”
“I don’t understand,” and Scott looked over at his body.  “None of this makes any sense.”
“Scott, look at me.”  His father waited until Scott turned his way, and then he smiled.  “You are two halves.  Human.  Alien.  They have been divided for a long time with everything that you have gone through.  When you threw that man through the wall and sent the S.O.S., you split yourself in half, making your human side weaker and your alien side stronger.  Hence, killing your human side.”
“I don’t want to leave.”
“I know, Scott, but you no longer belong here.”  His father now reached for him, pulling him close.  “A lot of terrible things have happened to this world.  A lot more terrible things will happen to this world.”
“You love her?”
“Yes.  I can’t leave her.”  Scott closed his eyes.  He could still feel the tears running down his face, but when he touched his face, it was dry.  “Can I save them?”
“It will be very difficult.”
“But I could?”
“You could try, if they let you.  But it’s too late, Scott.  We will be going home very soon.”
“But the gray orb.  That could heal me.  Right?  It’s done a lot.  I mean…  It’s done a lot of damage too.”
“No, Scott.  You never accessed the gray orb for its real purpose.”
“What?”  Scott stepped back from his father.  “What about what I did to my friends?  The blackout?  The man through the wall?”
“That was all you.”
“Then, what is the gray orb supposed to do?”
“You know.”
“I don’t.”
“If you don’t and you stay, you will die.  I am giving you a chance to live.”
“I can’t leave her.  If it wasn’t for Tina, I would never have made it this far.  I can’t leave her, Dad,” and his father flinched at that word.
“Dad?  I am so happy to hear you call me that, but in many ways, Scott, I am not your father.  And your mother is not your mother.”
“We are your parents, but you, Scott…  You are something that I could never imagine.  You are what humans call a Miracle.  You are special, Scott.  More than you realize, but one day, you will know.”
“So, what happens now,” Scott said.
“Now, you decide.  You stay, or you go?”
“I want to stay.  I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, Scott.  Your mother once told me that love is when someone is a part of you, and she is a part of you.  So am I,” and he touched Scott’s shoulder.  “I am proud of you.  Good-bye, Scott.”
Suddenly, a sensation mirroring that of an ice pick drove through Scott’s entire being.  He convulsed and writhed.  His head snapped back.  His eyes rolled upward, and his heart slammed against his chest.  His body crashed downward onto what felt like ground, and darkness caved inward.  He couldn’t breathe.  He couldn’t move.  Then, a brilliant light filled his gaze, and he realized that it was the sun.  He was lying on his back, and he rolled onto his side, slowly climbing to his feet.  He gazed upward at the brilliant blue sky, and then he looked over at Tina, who stood a short distance away.  He smiled and took a step toward her when a gunshot rang out, striking him in the chest, and he flew backward once more, crashing onto the ground.  And as he gasped for breath, the gray orb fell from his hand.

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