Sunday, June 25, 2017

I’m Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 15

I’m Not My Father’s Son (Fan Fiction Inspired By John Carpenter's Starman)
by, Melissa R. Mendelson
Chapter 15:
“Good Morning, Winslow, Arizona!  It is a gorgeous, gorgeous blue skies Wednesday day.  If you’re stuck at work, I say get out and enjoy today.  In the meantime, here is a song by the American Alternative Rock Band, VAST called, Where it Never Rains.”
Scott could hardly believe that a week had gone by.  A week ago, the only thing that he had to worry about was running.  He was so paranoid that he was being watched, and he was.  Mark Shermin had been watching him, making an appearance at Jillian’s, and then later at the rest stop, where Scott was taken.  It was all now a blur, and the fog in his mind did not lift until he injected himself with the booster shot.  As the music flooded the car, he started to relax, but then he heard Tina gasp.  A week ago, all he had was his fear and paranoia, but the real nightmare waited up ahead, five military vehicles loaded with soldiers and three military helicopters.  And all guns were locked and loaded, and all they had to do was fire.  But they didn’t.  What were they waiting for?
Tina slammed on the brakes.  She looked desperately at Scott.  She then glanced upward at the helicopters.  “I could turn around,” she said, not looking at him, and her voice shook.  “What are we going to do?”
Scott was about to answer when the helicopters fired warning shots, surrounding the car.  If they tried to escape, they wouldn’t miss next time.  They would kill Scott and Tina, and then Scott realized why they had not opened fire yet.
“They want me,” Scott said to her.  “I’ll get out.  I’ll surrender.  You leave.”
“Fuck that.”
“No,” and she grabbed his arm, tightly.  “No,” she cried.
“They’re giving you a chance.”
“I don’t want it,” Tina said.  “I’m not leaving you.”
“Scott Hayden, get out of the car with your hands up.  We will not kill the girl,” Thomas’s voice boomed in the air.  “If you do not come out with your hands up, then we will have no choice but to open fire, and in doing so, she will die.  Do not test me,” he declared before lowering the megaphone in his hand.
“Thank you,” Mark Shermin said to Thomas as he stood next to him.
“Don’t thank me yet.”  Thomas’s hand tightened over his gun.  In his other hand was the megaphone, and he started to raise it up to his lips when the car doors opened.  “Hands up in the air,” he yelled through the megaphone at both Scott and Tina as they exited the car.  “What is he holding in his hand?”  He raised the megaphone up to his lips again.  “Scott Hayden, drop whatever you are holding.  Do it now!”
Scott stood next to Tina in front of the car.  “Do you trust me,” he said to her.
“No,” but Tina smiled when she said that.  “Why?”
“Drop it now,” Thomas screamed.  “Or we will open fire.”
“I’m sorry,” Scott said.
Tina was about to answer when Scott dropped the gray orb in his hand.  It fell softly to the ground, but as soon as it touched the ground, a thunderous boom was heard, followed by a blue shockwave.  Everyone surrounding Scott including Tina fell to the ground.  The three helicopters flew backward, losing control.  Without hesitating, Scott grabbed the gray orb and then picked up Tina.  He quickly moved past the motionless men, some still holding guns, and then he paused by Mark Shermin.  He leaned down and touched the handcuffs, which popped open in response, and then he hurried away.  He was just descending downward toward the crater when darkness crashed over him.  He fell, and Tina fell with him.  They continued to topple downward, and he feared that she would be killed.  But his body refused to respond, and somehow, his hand became like a vice, gripping the gray orb tightly.  Then, nothing but dark skies.
“Scott,” Tina whispered as she snapped out of it.  “Scott!”  She climbed to her feet and hurried over to his unconscious body.  She shook him wildly, and his eyes struggled to open.  “Come on, Scott,” and she realized with horror that the soldiers were waking up and reaching for their guns.  The helicopters were also returning.  “Scott, get on your feet.  Come on.  Move!  On your feet, Scott!  Now!”
Scott grabbed Tina, and she helped him to his feet.  They started to move further into the crater when gunfire surrounded them.  They ducked behind a large rock, but the helicopters were locked onto them.  So were the soldiers with guns.  It was over.  They had lost, and Scott and Tina stood up with their hands in the air.  And then everyone looked up.
A giant sphere with a circular ring was descending in the sky above them.  Snow started to fall, surrounding Tina and Scott.  The sun faded, and red light gently kissed the ground.  Then, the red light gave way to blue light, and Scott felt a pull, a force ripping him from Tina’s hold.  And he tried to fight it as Tina screamed, but he was too weak.  And he was disappearing into a bluish-white light when the last thing that he heard was someone saying, “Greetings.”

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