New Poem: I Don't Live Here

I Don’t Live Here by, Melissa R. Mendelson
The land was once green with flowers in bloom.  My brothers and I chased each other into the late afternoon.   My mother made dinner in the kitchen, usually meat,   and my father would come home from work, beat.  We would all sit at the table and share this time,  moments for me to visit, moments to call mine.   Then one day, a knock came at the door,   and a bag of money crashed to the floor.   Arguments ensued, arguments were lost.   They would not fall back at any cost.   Now, we’re all packed up in a car,   going away to somewhere far,   and the land once green with flowers in bloom  has been ripped and bled to make more room.   All those memories that I held dear  were demolished because I don’t live here.  

New Horror Short Story: When The Laughter Died

When The Laughter Died Melissa R. Mendelson
The ticking of the grandfather clock was thunderous.  Each tick was a vibrating boom chasing hollow steps and empty hallways.  Every second ticked down into nothing.  Time died. At least, it struggled to. Instead, it clung to the metal spoon plunging harshly into a bowl of hot oatmeal, and the metal against the porcelain was just another tick, just another notch of life not spent. “Are you ready for the talent show today?”  My mother’s voice carried across the endless ticks.  “Did you prepare your monologue?”  She barely looked at me.  Instead, she drowned herself in the black abyss called coffee.  “Stop staring at his chair.  He’s not coming back.” “Do you miss him,” I asked.  “Do you regret turning him in?” “You know the price for laughter.” “You pay it with your tears.”  I flinched as my mother slammed her cup against the scratched, wooden table, and a small fragment chipped away, biting into her hand.  She barely noticed.  “I’m ready for the s…

Poem: Burnt Sand Castles

Burnt Sand Castles by, Melissa R. Mendelson
All the land around me is afire,   burning down to their heart’s desire,   and all my memories lie in ruin.   That’s what we get for assuming  that they would just be satisfied,   but all it did was feed into their lies.   Now, we plant the For Sale Sign,   and they continue to buy their time  to turn this ash into clay  and build a world for only them to stay.

Horror Short Story: Tears of a Clown

Tears of a Clown Melissa R. Mendelson
The cold beer felt good against Paul’s hand.  He nursed each sip as he sat back in the loveseat, staring at the man seated before him.  He savored each taste, running the man’s words across his mind.  He heard of small towns having their secrets, and some of those secrets were dark.  But what this man was telling him went beyond drama, and he didn’t believe in the supernatural.  He only believed in the cold beer in his hand. “I know that you are new to this town, Paul.  This town, Poenitet has its secrets.  Actually, it only has one secret,” the man sitting before Paul said. “Does that explain the adults dressed as clowns here?”  The man before Paul nodded.  “Does that explain why each family has their own clown?”  The man nodded again.  “So, what happened to your clown?” “Dave?  He died. Heart attack.  No one saw it coming, which is why I am here, Paul.  I heard that you were looking for work, and I am willing to pay you.  Just name your price.” “Matt,…

Movie Review: Clara (2018)

We spend our lives adrift, but we hardly notice being lost.  Instead, we set our sights on the furthest star, and we throw ourselves against the wall because we have to believe that something better waits on the other side. Or maybe it is all random, and we are nothing but particles, dust.  Our lives ebb and flow in so many alternate ways, and loss cuts us deep.  And we’re disconnected, never realizing that the strangers who find us are leading the way back to shore.  Their stories are fragments, little rocks to fall into the holes that have eaten away at us, and their foundation builds us back up and returns our hope.  And we regain our footing, only to slip once more across the jagged edge of tragedy, but instead of falling do we cling to their words, their vision.  And we see what they see, and no longer are we adrift but anchored to them.  And we move forward, throwing the past to the waves and saying good-bye, never expecting an answer back, but somewhere in the distance, the uni…

New Lyrics: I Went Upstairs in Darkness

I Went Upstairs in Darkness by, Melissa R. Mendelson
I went upstairs in darkness. The children were all in bed, Dreaming their innocent dreams, Only to awake after the sunrise.
I went upstairs in darkness. The shadows gave me peace. I took that moment of quiet To cry myself to sleep.
Chorus: This world is erratic. It haunts me every day. The news is onslaught, And I get down on my knees to pray. It’s the nights that I welcome. It’s the nights I wish to stay. The world seems so quiet, But its silence fades far, far away.
I went upstairs in darkness, Leaving my worry behind. The television’s on static, And the telephone wires are tied.
I went upstairs in darkness. Please, just let me be. I need to find an escape, Where I can only be me.
Bridge: I went upstairs in darkness as this world circles my home.  If I turn the lights on, I’ll see all that is wrong, and I just need some time alone. Before chaos kicks the front door in and all the children scream for school, I want to sit in this corner and listen to t…

Dystopian Short Story: I’m Not Sorry

I’m Not Sorry Melissa R. Mendelson
Emily stood beside her bedroom window and watched her fellow peers board the school bus.  Most of them ignored her or didn’t realize that she was watching them.  Two older boys noticed, and they turned her way.  And one gave her an ugly grin, and Emily touched the jagged, red scratch on her right cheek.  She watched the other boy smack his friend on the shoulder, and then they boarded the bus.  And the bus disappeared down the street. “I’m not going to work today,” Emily heard her mother say.  “I’ll stay home with you.”  Emily knew that her mother was standing behind her near the bedroom door, and she was waiting for an answer.  “Do you want to stay in today, Emily?” “I don’t care,” Emily sighed.  “I just don’t want to go to school.” “Well, you can stay home today, but you have to go back tomorrow.” “Do I have to?”  Emily turned and looked up at her mother.  “I really don’t want to go back.” “Emily, you have to, and your father would want you to.  Could you…

New Parody Lyrics: Good-bye Supernatural

Good-bye Supernatural (Parody of Adele’s song, Hello) Melissa R. Mendelson
Hello, it's me. I’ve been watching you all these years and never missed a beat. I have seen everything. All the times you have suffered and healed, yeah. Your family strong feeling. Hello, it’s still me, Dreaming the supernatural dreams of how the Winchesters used to be. When you were younger, fighting for Sam and Dean, And we have not forgotten how the endings felt, How the Darkness could have been your defeat.
You Winchesters will always be our heroes, Legends to visit again.
Hello from the television screen, Seen so many battles waging a thousand times, Seen how you both sacrificed for everyone you loved, And seen you both always in search of a home. Hello from the road. You boys never called it quits no matter how hard the demons tried. You boys fought with all your heart, Saving the world again and again And again.
Hello, how are you? I hear it’s now the end, and I’m sorry To see you all go. I hope Ca…