New Short Story: When The Pennies Fall

When The Pennies Fall
(Inspired by Rest Haven, Monroe, NY) Melissa R. Mendelson
The birds wake me up in the morning with their chirping and flapping.  I hear them inside the walls.  I always wondered how they got in there, but it was a familiar, comforting sound.  There was no sound today.  That bothered me.  Summer was not over yet, and they usually left right before winter.  Then, they would return, telling me that spring was on its way.  They should be chirping and flapping right about now, but they weren’t.  And the silence broke into a symphony of snores. Becky had started to sneak into my room at night.  She didn’t want to startle me by crawling into the bed.  The bed was also small, so she slept on the arm chair to the left in the corner.  I didn’t know she was there until she started to snore.  Sometimes, she would even talk in her sleep.  At least, she would try to.  It was like she was chasing conversations with a ghost. The breakfast call sounded from the kitchen and marched up …

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Lucifer Fan Fiction: To Kill The Devil

To Kill The Devil By, Melissa R. Mendelson “Before you start, I want you to listen to my voice.  I want you to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of.  You are not alone.  You are not crazy.  Lucifer is the devil.” Chloe Decker’s eyes snapped open.  She found herself lying on a couch.  Instinctively, she reached for her gun, but her holster was empty.  Her cell phone was also gone.  She struggled to sit up, but her head throbbed.  It was like someone had hit her in the head, and she tried to remember who.  Then, she did.  Lucifer had knocked her out after she tried to shoot him.  “Lucifer,” she gasped.  “He’s the devil.” “Yes, Chloe.  He is,” Linda Martin replied as she sat in a chair nearby with a mixed look of concern and understanding on her face.  “He brought you here.  After you tried to kill him.” “I don’t understand.”  Chloe finally managed to position herself upward on the couch.  “Why is he saving me?  He’s supposed to be evil.  He’s the devil.”  She held Linda’s stare f…