My Nightmares, My Stories

The nightmares I have now are just regurgitation of what I've seen and heard, and there are other nights, where I find myself in a dark world, trying to get out.  I miss the nights, where my dreams were like movies, scary and thrilling, and some of my best stories were created from these dreams.  And in 2015, I met the Parachute Kids.

The Parachute Kids by, Melissa R. Mendelson
Bright sunlight penetrated my eyes. The bed felt welcoming underneath me. The room looked familiar. It took me a moment to realize that I was back home. I had no memory of where I was before that or how I had arrived here, but I felt safe. Something inside whispered that was all I needed.  At least, for now. The house was quiet. As usual, the stairs creaked as I walked down them. More sunlight. A smell of breakfast rumbled my stomach, but they had already eaten. They did not wait for me. Why did they not wake me? I moved past the basement door. A smile tickled my face. I used to joke about the basement being no…

Leaving Citi Field


The Roses Left For Her

The Roses Left For Her by, Melissa R. Mendelson
“Jacob!  Lunch!” She tapped her fingers against the counter.  She strained her ears listening for a sound.  Her eyes darted about the empty, sunny kitchen and then fell down on the tuna and peanut butter sandwich before her.  “Where is he,” she muttered.  “Jacob, lunch!” The front door opened.  Keys jingled. Henry’s heavy footsteps fell against the floor.  Something plastic or wrapped in plastic rustled behind him.  He seemed surprised that she was there, as if he expected her to be somewhere else, and she looked at him, pretending to be annoyed with his staring.   “Lu,” he began.  “What are you doing?”  He closed the front door but kept whatever it was in his hand behind his back.  “Jacob went out.  He’s with Jenny.” “Of course, he is.”  She looked down at the sandwich.  “Well, I’m not eating that.” “Well, I’m not eating that.  That’s disgusting.”  He hovered between the hallway and kitchen. “Henry?” “Lu?” “What’s behind your back?” “A newspaper.…

Horror Story Published by Sirens Call Publications

When I was a child, I suffered from terrible nightmares.  They started the summer before the sixth grade.  They started right after I saw the Sesame Street movie, "Follow That Bird."  They were unrelentless, and there was no end in sight.  They were so bad that they had landed me in a shrink's chair, and I narrowly escaped that one.  Finally, they stopped, but a lot of my short stories were born from those dreams.

I don't know why I had returned to those days, but I did.  And I started to write about the worst of them.  Being locked away.  Being held prisoner.  Being taken away from my family, and "I Promise to be Good" was written.  And you can find it in the latest issue of the Sirens Call eZine:

Dark Helix Press Publishes Dystopian Short Stories


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