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It's the summer time, where we could enjoy the sun and the beaches and the road trips and endure the heat and the storms that come with it, but it's the nights that are the worst for there is nothing on tv.

If you are looking for something to read, something to chill the heat, I highly recommend The Sirens Call eZines.  Maybe, you'll even find a few Horror stories from me especially in these issues.

New Dystopian Story: The Skies Gone Gray


New Short Story: The Quiet Exit

The Quiet Exit by, Melissa R. Mendelson
I could see the line of black cars snaking down across the street.  Its yellow eyes daring the skies to rain.  Its multiple doors booming with every slam. Its contents spilling out across the concrete, souls lost in mourning, all dressed in black, and they too weaved in-between the cars.  And then the engines ceased their hissing, their rumblings of despair, and death was the soft cloud of exhaust that melted against the air. I rested on the couch with my knees drawn up to my chin.  A cup of hot chocolate was clasped in both hands.  I breathed in the steam, and the steam painted itself against the glass.  I was tempted to wipe it away, but the foggy glass camouflaged me from their prying eyes. The lights were also off too, and all I expected this morning was just quiet.  All the children were at school, and all the commuters were at work.  The world was empty, distant, and I was left to my thoughts and dreams, sitting beside this window.  But I did…

Photography: On Walton/Round Lake

Photography by Melissa R. Mendelson

Dark Helix Press Publishes Dystopian Short Stories


Tall Tale TV Performs Sci-Fi Tale, "The Quiet Room"

August 21, 2050. 5 p.m. They brought her in. She was bloody, disoriented, and hysterical. She mumbled incoherent sentences as they pulled her past me. Like a doll, she was thrown inside, and then the white wall came crashing down, cutting her out from this world. A hand print pressed against the panel. Infinite, which was strange for the ones mostly brought here lasted anywhere from a day to a few years. There was one that was of different circumstances that remained behind the white wall for over ten years, so was she the same?

Now on Tall Tale TV:

Photography: Rest Haven, Monroe, NY