New Lyrics: I Went Upstairs in Darkness

I Went Upstairs in Darkness by, Melissa R. Mendelson
I went upstairs in darkness. The children were all in bed, Dreaming their innocent dreams, Only to awake after the sunset.
I went upstairs in darkness. The shadows gave me peace. I took that moment of quiet To cry myself to sleep.
Chorus: This world is erratic. It haunts me every day. The news is onslaught, And I get down on my knees to pray. It’s the nights that I welcome. It’s the nights I wish to stay. The world seems so quiet, But its silence fades far, far away.
I went upstairs in darkness, Leaving my worry behind. The television’s on static, And the telephone wires are tied.
I went upstairs in darkness. Please, just let me be. I need to find an escape, Where I can only be me.
Bridge: I went upstairs in darkness as this world circles my home.  If I turn the lights on, I’ll see all that is wrong, and I just need some time alone. Before chaos kicks the front door in and all the children scream for school, I want to sit in this corner and listen to th…

Short Story: A Pale, Cold Night


Short Story: The Body in The Trunk


Now on Amazon Kindle: One Last Droplet of Rain

It was pouring buckets down over the Sunflower Valley.  The roads were flooded.  The lights went out.  Cars hydroplaned, racing along the black, slick surface, and some nearly lost control. The drivers grabbed hold of the steering wheel, begging to live one more day as they tried to peer out through the windshield wipers that taunted them with clarity, and their prayers were answered. Death was left behind in the rearview mirror, but he would not go quietly.  Instead, the poor bastard speeding in his direction was blinded by another driver’s brights, and his car slammed into a nearby power pole. A short distance away was a rundown gas station.  There were two pumps, and they were both out of commission.  The little shop next to them was dark, and one of its windows was broken.  And the rain had no mercy, pounding against the glass and plastic, bending one sign for cigarettes down to the ground, and a car crawled to a halt beside the dead pumps, where it would stay for a very long time.…

New Short Story: I’m Not Sorry

I’m Not Sorry Melissa R. Mendelson
Emily stood beside her bedroom window and watched her fellow peers board the school bus.  Most of them ignored her or didn’t realize that she was watching them.  Two older boys noticed, and they turned her way.  And one gave her an ugly grin, and Emily touched the jagged, red scratch on her right cheek.  She watched the other boy smack his friend on the shoulder, and then they boarded the bus.  And the bus disappeared down the street. “I’m not going to work today,” Emily heard her mother say.  “I’ll stay home with you.”  Emily knew that her mother was standing behind her near the bedroom door, and she was waiting for an answer.  “Do you want to stay in today, Emily?” “I don’t care,” Emily sighed.  “I just don’t want to go to school.” “Well, you can stay home today, but you have to go back tomorrow.” “Do I have to?”  Emily turned and looked up at her mother.  “I really don’t want to go back.” “Emily, you have to, and your father would want you to.  Could you…


The winter is finally over, and spring is trying to chase away those dark, dreary clouds.  And I have been hammering away on my Horror novel, Ghost in the Porcelain.  I am proud to say that the novel is halfway complete, and I will be working on chapters 12 and 13 this weekend into next week.

After my novel is done, I plan to take a short break from the writing.  I have gathered a lot of books from various authors in different genres, and I will be reading their books.  And I will be posting the reviews here on this blog.

Thank you all for your patience with me and my absence here, and I wanted to share some great news with all of you.

I have made it into the second round of NYC Midnight's Short Story 2019 Competition.  I wrote the second short story and sent it in, and on May 15th, I will know if I made it into the last round or not.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

-Melissa R. Mendelson

New Parody Lyrics: Good-bye Supernatural

Good-bye Supernatural (Parody of Adele’s song, Hello) Melissa R. Mendelson
Hello, it's me. I’ve been watching you all these years and never missed a beat. I have seen everything. All the times you have suffered and healed, yeah. Your family strong feeling. Hello, it’s still me, Dreaming the supernatural dreams of how the Winchesters used to be. When you were younger, fighting for Sam and Dean, And we have not forgotten how the endings felt, How the Darkness could have been your defeat.
You Winchesters will always be our heroes, Legends to visit again.
Hello from the television screen, Seen so many battles waging a thousand times, Seen how you both sacrificed for everyone you loved, And seen you both always in search of a home. Hello from the road. You boys never called it quits no matter how hard the demons tried. You boys fought with all your heart, Saving the world again and again And again.
Hello, how are you? I hear it’s now the end, and I’m sorry To see you all go. I hope Ca…

Romantic Comedy Short Story: Life is Temporary, Love is Forever

Life is Temporary, Love is Forever                                                                 Melissa R. Mendelson
Xena Connon stared at the monologue in her hands.  She glanced up into the rearview mirror, staring into her clear, blue eyes.  Satisfied with her lines, she folded the paper up and placed it into the glove compartment.  Then, she pushed a strand of dark blonde hair behind her ear, and she stared out at the one-level house in front of her.  She did not want to be here, but she did not want to get stuck in retail or fast food. She got lucky at the diner when reading through the classified ads, finding this one: Need Care Taker for Disabled Adult. Would require cooking and cleaning. Must be good with people.  Must be willing to reside at the house.  Call for more information. “Come on, Xena.  Be a warrior princess.”  Xena hated that television show, but her mother loved it.  Hence, the name.  “Can’t be that bad,” and Xena took the key out of the ignition.  “The ad agency …