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Top 5 Horror Movies To Leave You Chilled This Summer

5.  What Lies Beneath

4.  Dream House

3.  Passengers

2.  The Invisible

1.  Backtrack


Now Online: Lizardian Chapter 38

Chapter 38:

The den was small.  The walls were wooden as well as the floor.  A ceiling fan softly kissed the air above.  A chestnut credenza rested against one wall, decorated with photos of the mayor with other politicians, but the pictures in front were that of his family.  A wooden mirror hung over the credenza, and in the mirror, you could see the reflection of a small, wooden bar across from it, set up with crystal glasses and bottles filled with the good stuff.  Nearby was a large, wooden desk, and a black chair almost the size of a throne that stood proudly behind it.

Perry Phillips fixed himself a drink.  Scotch on the rocks.  He moved over to the mirror and smoothed back the sides of his gray hair.  He glanced down at the pictures of his wife and two daughters.  He took a large gulp of his drink as he stared at their faces.  Then, he moved over to his desk, sitting down in his throne, and looking at the local newspaper sprawled open before him.  “Art Teacher Massacred at Home” met his gaze, and he polished off his drink.

Suddenly, there was a knock on his door.  He grabbed up the newspaper, crunching into a ball, and throwing at a nearby wastebasket.  He missed.  Just as it landed on the floor, the man came in, and he leaned down, scooped up what was once the newspaper, and then he dropped into the wastebasket.  He wiped his hands together and turned toward the mayor.

If you’re waiting for me to wave the white flag, consider it waved. Colonel,” he said.

“Mayor,” the man before him replied.

“Would you like a drink,” and the mayor gestured toward the bar.

“You don’t by any chance have Jack Daniels.  Do you?”

“No, sir.  I have scotch, whiskey, or rum.  What’s your poison?”

“I’ll have what you’re having,” and the colonel turned toward the pictures nearby.

“Fine.  I need another drink,” and the mayor rose from his chair and approached his bar.

“You have a beautiful family,” the colonel said, and the mayor froze at that.  “Especially Allison,” and he stared at a picture of her with two of her friends.

“Beth and Kimberley,” and the mayor handed him the drink.  “They’re popular girls.”

“Thank you, and apparently, the name, Beth is very popular in this town too.”

“Well, Colonel, that is because Elizabeth Taylor had filmed a scene here for one of her movies.  Don’t ask me which one.  I wasn’t living here at the time.  It’ll actually be close to fifteen years since my family and I came here.”

“And where were you before here,” the colonel asked as he sat in a smaller, leather chair near the desk.

“The Bronx,” the mayor replied as he was now once again parked in his throne.  “Cigar?  They’re Alec Bradley Cigars.”

“No thanks.  If you don’t mind, I would appreciate you not smoking one of them in front of me.”

“I see,” and the mayor took the cigar out of his mouth.  “I’ll leave it for later,” but he failed to hide his disappointment at not enjoying it right now.  “Guess it’s not a victory for me anyway.  I am assuming that you here, Colonel because of the boy that was found dead at the school today.”

“That’s one reason,” the colonel said before finishing his drink.

Now Online: Lizardian Chapter 38 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Guns Talk

Guns Talk
(Parody of "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men)
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

Hey! Hey! Hey!
She was just walking down the street,
and they come blasting, chased by the heat.
The kid is playing outside while he is asleep,
and now one is lost with memories left to keep.

And some days I can’t even watch the news.
It’s killing me to see the good guys lose.

‘Cause guns are not the things of play.
This weapon claims lives and refuses to go away.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

There’s an old place called Jillain’s that calls me back
House of Dead and Time Crisis puts me on the attack
Soon I will be blasting them down one by one
I was used to playing this when I was young
And I knew then that this was just a game.

Some days I don’t know if people are wrong or right
Their mind is tricking them, their reality threatening to hold on tight

‘Cause guns are not the things of play.
This weapon claims lives and refuses to go away.

Don’t listen to what the media has to say.
Talk to the real people of today.

‘Cause guns are not the things of play.
This weapon claims lives and refuses to go away.


They’re gone, gone far away
We watched them disappear
All that’s left is the ghost of them
Now, lives are torn, torn so apart
There’s nothing that we can do
Just tell the stories of a world gone mad
Now, wait, wait for hope
Please don’t fear
For the lost is not really gone and close to here.

Don’t listen to what the media has to say.
Talk to the real people of today.
‘Cause guns are not the things of play.
This weapon claims lives and refuses to go away.

Don’t listen to what the media has to say.
Talk to the real people of today.
‘Cause guns are not the things of play.
This weapon claims lives and refuses to go away.

‘Cause guns are not the things of play.
This weapon claims lives and refuses to go away.

‘Cause guns are not the things of play.
This weapon claims lives and refuses to go away.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Short Story: The Casemen

The Casemen
by, Melissa R. Mendelson
America today is in disarray.  Nothing on the news but scandal, fraud, hatred, death.  There are so many lives lost today, and most of them are due to senseless violence.  And it’ll never stop.  We want it to stop, but instead, we try to survive today, the next day and the day after that.  All that changed when they arrived.
It was just another day, and I was driving to work.  Usually, on this long, twisted mountain road, you get some asshole dodging into the opposite traffic lane, playing Russian Roulette.  Today, nobody dared.  Usually, people would flash their brights, honk their horns, slam their hand upon their steering wheel before doing something stupid.  Today, nobody did.  Instead, we all drove quietly and peacefully to work, reminding me of the Twilight Zone because in the world that we live in, nobody drives quietly or peacefully.  We’re always trying to survive the lunatics and speedsters, who would risk our lives just to be one car ahead.
I arrive at a little office parked in Rockland County.  We’re known as the Investigations.  My job is simple.  Prepare the investigations for court.  Maintain them, updating them with attachments sent by email.  The rest is all secretarial.  Dictation.  Faxing.  Photocopying.  Never a dull moment, and I liked that.  It was on the other end of the spectrum from Retail, where there would be days that would just drag, and I hated those days.  But since they arrived, the investigations have dwindled down into almost nothing, and now, the days were dragging.
“Is she in,” I asked the young woman that shared the office with me, and she nodded in response.  “Joy,” I said.
I was not talking about my supervisor.  She had been struggling to remain afloat with so many investigations coming in day after day.  It was horrible what people did to each other, and we couldn’t keep up.  She couldn’t keep up.  Now, it was like permanent vacation.  She was either out golfing or swimming or just sunning herself, but I wasn’t talking about her.  I was talking about the bitch under her that thought that she not only ran this office, but she ran all of us.
That woman was not happy with their arrival.  She didn’t want to go home.  She had nothing to go back to.  She wanted to be here and dominate, but they took that control from her.  And she hated it, but she hated me even more.  The feeling’s mutual, and now I dread coming in here because it’s only a matter of time before she digs those claws of hers into me.  But I can’t step out of line.  I’m not afraid of her or my supervisor.  I’m not afraid of this job because it has become obsolete, even though we like to think different.  I’m afraid of them.  If I step out of line, if I even curse…  Can you believe that?  Cursing has been wiped out because it even offends them, but what bull…  I don’t even want to think that word because they say that they can read minds, if that’s even true.  I just want that woman to leave me alone, and here she comes.  She wants them to show up at my door, but if they do, I will make sure that they come for her next.
“Are we still doing archives,” I asked.
“We are,” she responded.  “Make sure the Orange Group is done by the end of the day,” and with that said, she waltzed out of the room.
“She’s happy,” my coworker commented.  “That’s never a good sign.”
“No.  It’s not,” I replied as I sat down at my desk and woke my computer up.  “Is it Friday yet?”
“Nope.  Tuesday,” my coworker said.
The Orange Group is saved in the shared folder.  There were numerous folders and then sub-folders.  It was an all-day project, and in the beginning, nothing seemed amiss.  Nothing until the last folder.  The last folder was empty, and that one held the most important documentation.
“Don’t panic,” I said to myself as I tried to restore the folder.  “Access denied?  What the hell?  I have access,” and I tried again.  Again, nothing.  “Fucking bitch,” I exclaimed.  “What did she do?”
“Careful,” my coworker warned me.  “They’re listening.”
“I don’t care.  I need those investigations.  They’re the red ones.  You know?  The high priority ones?  The ones that we do have to save, in case the world goes bonkers again.”
“Problem?”  She stepped into the office and took a loud bite of her apple.  “It’s almost the end of the day,” she nearly sang.  “Are you finished yet?”
“The last folder is empty,” my coworker said.  “She’s fixing the problem.”
“I see,” and she continued to eat her apple.  “Well, find it because we need that documentation.  Otherwise…”
“Otherwise what,” I asked.
“Do you really need to be here,” and with that said, she walked out of the room.
“Fuck you,” I yelled after her.
“Hey,” and I looked at my coworker.  “I have a family.  I don’t need them showing up at my door, so just knock it off.”
“I’m not the one that did anything wrong,” I exclaimed.  “They should go after her and not me.”
“They will.”
“When,” I screamed at her.  “You know what?  I’m going home,” and I shut down my computer.  “I had enough.  I had enough of her false smiles and kind Thank You’s when she is full of shit.  She has been waiting to stick that last knife into me, and here it is.  So, that’s it.  I’m done.  I don’t even know why I bothered coming in today, and I probably won’t be here tomorrow.”
“You need the money, don’t you?”
“That is the only thing keeping me from returning to Retail.”  I was now standing by the office door.  I was shaking, but I didn’t know what to do.  Those files…  That documentation was gone, and she didn’t care because it was not her head on the chopping block.  It was mine.  Maybe, tomorrow, I could salvage my job, but not today.  “I’ll see you tomorrow,” and I left the office.
For the rest of the day, I hung out at my apartment.  I played on the computer.  I watched some television.  Anything that remotely came close to violence or had harsh language or even sex scenes was removed from all media outlets.  I wanted to see some violence, but even on my computer, I was denied.  Were they really watching me?  I was tempted to test that theory, but is she worth it?
It was getting dark outside.  Maybe, I’ll just make dinner and then call it a night.  I was tired and aggravated and upset.  Maybe, they’ll go after her.  They should go after her, but just then, there was a knock at my door.  I didn’t order food, so it wasn’t the delivery man.  Maybe a neighbor, but now people were even afraid to open their doors.  Maybe, it was a kid selling candy, but they don’t even do that anymore.  I finally opened my door after a few more knocks, and there he was in a black suit, wearing a black hat and holding a black briefcase.
“May I come in,” he asked, but he entered the apartment before I could answer him.  “We are aware of a possible volatile situation at your office.”  He made himself comfortable on my couch.  “We need to address that,” and he folded his hands over his briefcase.
“We,” I asked.  “There’s nobody here, but you and me.  I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m tired.  And I’m calling it an early night.”  I remained standing, refusing to sit beside him.  “Could we do this another time?”
“The time is now,” he stated, and he looked at me with pale, blue eyes.  “Like I said.  We are aware of your situation.”
“Then, why aren’t you talking to her?”
“We are,” he responded.  “She will be dealt with.  Don’t you worry about that?”  His stare was unnerving, and he never blinked.  “But we are concerned about you.”
“Don’t be,” I responded as I crossed my arms over my chest.  “I’m not the problem.”  I rubbed my arm.  The temperature in the room had definitely dropped, and none of the windows were open.  “If you take care of her, then there is no problem.”
“Correct,” and I relaxed at that.  “But,” and that made me cringe.  “You are craving violence.”
“I am not violent,” I said.
“But you have watched violence since you were a kid.  Correct,” and I slowly nodded at that.  “And you like violence.”
“In fiction.  I guess.”
“Life imitates art, and your kind is prone to violence.  That is why your country has falling into the state that it has.”
“It’s not just our country.  It’s Mexico.”
“We are there too.”
“It’s in the East.”
“We don’t go East, and the East will wipe itself out.  We are trying to save you.”
“By controlling us?”  I didn’t mean to yell at him, but I did.  “We are human beings not animals that you can just tame.”
“But since we tamed you, hasn’t this world, this country been better, safer?  Now, about your violent streak.”
“I don’t have one,” but I looked away when I said that.  “I am not the problem.”
“You didn’t cause the situation,” he said.
“Then, why are you here?”
“Because even with her removed, there is still a problem.”
“Your need for violence.”
“I am not violent!”
“Point proven.”
“So, what?  You’re going to kill me just because of that bitch?”
“Who said anything about killing you,” and he turned the briefcase around toward him.  He dialed in a three-digit combination.  “We are going to fix you,” and he popped the briefcase open.
The next day, the drive to work was quiet again.  I arrived at my office and didn’t see her car.  I parked and then walked inside.  I noted the look of surprise on my coworker’s face but gave her a reassuring smile, and she relaxed at that.  I guess she was worried about me, and then I stepped out into the hallway, noticing that her door was closed.
“Our boss is kayaking today,” my coworker said.  “The other one’s not coming in,” and she let those words hang in the air.  “You okay?  You seem different.”
“I’m fine.  I’m just going to go to the bathroom and then finish my work from yesterday.”
“What work?  She deleted it.”
“Don’t worry.  Everything’s okay,” and I left the office.
The bathroom was small.  The window was left partly open.  Sunlight came in along with a gentle breeze.  I turned the sink on and washed my face.  Then, I reached for a paper towel to dry my skin.  I stood before the mirror, and finally I looked at my reflection.  A skeletal face with hollowed out eyes returned my gaze.

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(Parody of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”)
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

Barry, you’re a boy making a big flash
Playin’ on Earth 2, here comes Zoom
You got to kick his ass
He’s got that scary mask
Reapers are fast,
chasing you all over the damn place,

CW, CW Rocks True
CW, CW Rocks True

Ollie, you’re a strong man, hard man
With the darkness raging inside that can steal the day
You got a hood over your face
Felicity Smoak’s back at base
Damien Darhk is about to be punched in his face

CW, CW Rocks True
(Sing it!)
CW, CW Rocks True

Rip, you’re a time man, hunted man
Pleadin’ with the time council to come save the day
Have to get the Legends to make haste
Vandal’s laying waste
Somebody better make him mortal, so he can be erased.

CW, CW Rocks True
(Sing it!)
CW, CW Rocks True


CW, CW Rocks True
CW, CW Rocks True


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