Friday, May 29, 2015

Missing Horror Movies of Days Long Ago

Missing Horror Movies of Days Long Ago
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

I miss the Horror Movies of days long ago. My oldest brother used to force my other brother and I to watch all these Horror movies with him. It would be at night, after eight p.m. when my parents would go upstairs and leave us alone. Of course, he would turn off the lights. Sometimes, if we begged him, he would leave them but not too often. And we would be introduced to “Hellraiser“ (1987, 1988), NOEL (“Nightmare on Elm Street,”), “Halloween,” “Friday The 13th,” “Child’s Play,” and House (1986). Yes, there was a Horror movie called “House,” and thanks to that movie and “Poltergeist” (1982), I had a problem with closets. It didn’t help going opening weekend to see “Ghostbusters“ (1984), where my mother had covered my eyes throughout the movie right up to when that hellhound creature yanked Sigourney Weaver’s character into the freaking closet. Thanks, mom, but isn’t that what Horror movies are supposed to do? Scare the ever living crap out of you, and yes, even traumatize you.

Years later, my younger brother gained the same appetite as my older brother. He loved Horror movies, and who did he drag to the movie theatre? You guessed it, and I blew away the whole plot of “Final Destination” (2000) before he got on the plane. I thought the audience was going to kill me, but my brother got his revenge. We went to see the first “Resident Evil” (2002) opening weekend at the movies, and after the elevator scene, if you saw the movie, you know what I’m talking about, we were both under our seats. Through half of that movie, this was the argument that my brother and I were having. “You look. No, you look. You look! How about we both look,” and we finally did, jumping up out of our skin. But that’s what I love about Horror. It’s the rollercoaster ride that keeps you screaming, and I was on crutches when I saw “Scream“ (1996). That did not stop me from jumping out of my seat, but after my younger brother forced me to watch “SAW” I and II, luckily not back to back, I was done. Both times at the end, I felt like someone had knee-ed me in the gut. To this day, no Horror movie ever made me throw up except for “Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday” (1993). Why did I see that movie? I guess I was a glutton for punishment, but after that, I was done.

And I Hate the Horror movies of today. The “Paranormal Activity”? Really? I did not need to be hopping out of my seat just for a scare. I want substance. I want another boogeyman. We need a new Freddy Kreuger, and I am not talking about remaking him. We need to stop with the remakes because the remake of “Fright Night” sucked literally. Someone somewhere needs to create a new monster to scare the ever living crap out of us, and Chucky needs to be forced into retirement. At least, in my search for a Good Horror movie, I did stumble across “Hush“ (2009), “Prisoner“ (2007), “Tell Tale” (2009), and “The Purge“ (2013), which did a great honor to the Sci-Fi story it was based on. I cannot comment on the sequel because I did not see it, and speaking of Sci-Fi, could someone please turn Ray Bradbury’s “Zero Hour” into a movie? You want to scare the crap out of people? That ending would definitely do it, and another thing that I love about Horror movies is that there are no happy endings except for “Mimic“ (1997). But we do not need an ending like in “The Mist“ (2007). I wanted to scream like Thomas Jane at the end of that movie. It was as mind numbing as the “Soprano” ending.

And speaking of mind numbing, I avoid the new Horror movies like a plague. It’s right up there with stupid movies, but I miss the Horror. I miss the thrills and chills. At least, I can finally open my closet door at night.

Monday, May 25, 2015

On White Wings I Fly

On White Wings I Fly (For Misha Collins)
(Parody of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive”)
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

It’s always the same, only the monsters will change
Everyday seems like the heroes are fading away
Another catastrophe, where Hope is losing hold
I’d fly all night just to be by their side

I’m an angel, on white wings I fly
I’m trying to keep them alive
Trying to keep them alive

Sometimes I fail, sometimes the fight last for days
And the people I love will fight to go away
Sometimes, you can tell you lost
By the end of the day
And when you’re all alone, you hope you’re not to blame

Chorus: Repeat Twice
I’m an angel, on white wings I fly
I’m trying to keep them alive
Trying to keep them alive

And when evil walks these streets, my wings unfold from my back
A blue light will hum, I’m now on the attack
I’ve seen heaven and hell, I’ve seen it all
I’ve seen the world near end, and we heroes still standing tall

Cause I’m an angel, on white wings I fly
I’m trying to keep them alive
Cause I’m an angel, I got the Winchesters on my side
I’m trying to keep them alive
And I fly, trying to keep them alive
I still fight, trying to keep them alive
Trying to keep them alive (4x)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wings of Courage

Wings of Courage
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

Heroes are the young
that leave us too soon.
Their courage are the fires never to cease,
light to chase away our darkness,
but still our tears fall.
Rose petals drift across the rivers of time,
whispering their name,
and we hold to the ghost
of them left behind.
We dream of heroes rising
in our time of need.
We need someone to believe in,
someone to take the villains away,
but the damage is done.
And the heart of the young
roars like a mighty lion
ready to jump into the storm,
but in selflessness lies sacrifice.
And they can never return home,
but they saved the world.
And in that,
we have to believe,
and we cannot fall down.
But still we cry in despair,
left to walk alone,
but their dreams remain
a fire burning in heart,
courage for the soul.
So, we wipe our eyes,
and we rise,
living for them,
fulfilling a silent promise
to keep their spirit alive.
And with mighty wings
do they take flight,
soaring over white clouds of heaven
and across the strings of life.
We will see them again.
Our heroes never die.
They’re the essence of dreams,
the moonlight of soul,
and the guardian angels
that will forever carry us
into the arms of love. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Behind The Facade (Reality vs Youth)

Innocence awakens within the child,
but the child couldn't see.
He struggles to stand up
and hears nothing around him.
He stumbles in the dark
and reaches out ahead of him.
He could sense others nearby
but knew they were consumed within themselves.
He struggled to open his eyes as
he heard people talking
but could not understand their words.
He finally decided to just stand still
and imagine himself in an adult's mind
and his eyes finally opened.
He screamed at what he saw,
and his innocence shattered.
He was no longer innocent
for he saw the real world
that the rest of us refuse to see.
The child fell to the ground in tears
and couldn't shut his eyes.
He knew he was stuck
watching the world
as it was
and could no longer hide
behind the wall of innocence.

           Behind The Facade (Reality vs Youth)
                   By, Melissa R. Mendelson

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What If Heaven Were Really Real?

What If Heaven Were Really Real?
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

There are those weekends, where I just plop on the couch or bed with remote in hand.  The house is quiet.  No one is around to occupy or bother me.  I’m not in the mood to write, so I flip on the tv and cruise through all those mindless channels, looking for something, looking for anything.  Sometimes, I stumble across a true find like “Disconnect” and “Welcome to the Punch.”  Other times, I find nothing, and nothing makes my head hurt.  And then I found the movie, “Heaven is for Real.”

After Colton Burpo’s supposedly journey into heaven and back, there was a scene with such argument over how the boy could have gone to heaven, if he had never died.  Did he die?  If he did, why didn’t the doctors just say that, but there was no evidence that he did.  So, how did this child see heaven, if he did not die?  How could his mind have opened that door, or his soul, if still stuck here?  Or is there more at work here than we know of, and we just can’t understand.  And we deny his vision, his mysterious knowledge because he did not die, so therefore, he did not see heaven.

The only thing I know is my own mind.  I’ve had nightmares since I was a kid.  Vicious nightmares.  I value the nights, where I do not dream, but somewhere along the road, I’ve come to the decision to grab hold of what my mind thrills and chills me with and harness what I dream into stories.  Some of these stories can be found on Gadfly Online such as “The Parachute Kids,” “Alien Dream,” and “Concrete Dreams.”  There was one story that grew into a novella, which I decided to self-publish through CreateSpace called, “Waken Dream.”  In this dream, I was at a New Years Eve party, and we were all counting down.  But it was the man by the window, who caught my attention.  He stared outside as if something awful were about to happen to him, and something did.  He was struck by lightning, and he disappeared.  When I awoke that morning, I wrote the story, so I know how powerful the mind can be.  Yes, it can play tricks on you, sometimes cruel tricks, but other times, it can open a door to imagination and maybe more.

I read this book once about past lives.  The subjects were put into a deep hypnosis, and the doctor instructed them to forget about everything.  Forget who they were.  Go back, back to where they were before being born.  Who were they?  What year was it?  What were they doing, and the patients spoke of living those lives.  One was a villager carrying water.  Others were people like soldiers and royalty.  They described their era, their world down to its core as if they were really there and that world was not lost.  Don’t you ever get a sense of déjà vu, as if you were somewhere before that you’ve never been to, but the only key lies somewhere deep within your mind to confirm that.  And we just shake off that vibe and continue to live the life that we’re in because maybe, we don’t want to know, or maybe, we’re too afraid to know.  We’re afraid to look deeper, to see what truly exists beyond our reach.  This is not what happened to Colton Burpo.

What about a premonition?  Have you ever had a dream, where someone died?  What if a few days later, if not that day, they did?  Would you call yourself psychic, or was your mind just trying to warn you to soften the blow?  How could your mind have known, if they had not died yet?  You were just sleeping.  How do you explain that, or that real bad feeling in your gut, knowing that something bad was going to happen?  Do we ever get a good vibe, a good dream?  Wouldn’t it be nice to dream of winning the damn lottery instead?  Maybe, this is what happened to Colton Burpo.

These days, we seem to be bombarded by the end of the world, zombies, and angels and demons especially on the CW.  The CW’s Supernatural loves their angels and demons, and they portray heaven as everyone’s own personal playground, their finest moments.  How do they know what heaven is?  Did one of the writers, if not all of them, have a glimpse at heaven, or is this how they want heaven to be?  Is heaven like the Nina Barnes portrait, where seagulls fly over crashing waves and storm clouds gather but not of a coming storm but of a storm that had come and gone?  Would this be heaven?  We seem to want to know, and we wonder, if heaven is real, are angels?  And hopefully not like the angels in SyFy’s Dominion.

Maybe, heaven is for real.  For whatever reason, Colton Burpo recanted that story, but does it matter?  There’s enough evidence especially in today’s world, where we want to know, where we hope to know.  We need something to believe in.  If there is no heaven, does that mean that there are no angels, no God?  If that were true, then why are we here, but I feel that this strays from the point that I’m trying to make.  The point is that we do not need to die to find the answers.  I feel that Jalaluddin Rumi said it best when he said, “I then looked into my heart and it was there where He dwelled that I saw Him; He was nowhere else to be found."

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

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